Just a Voice

One Voice. Calling out. Inviting. Modeling.

A traveler once walked along the path. Out of the blue, the cry of an eagle pierced the silence. But the man was so engrossed in his own he took no notice. A second time the creature’s scream resounded. This time the man felt afraid. Again the mighty bird called. The man now was slightly curious but still would not be distracted. The majestic animal called one more time. Finally he looked up. Above where he walked, an arrow pointed in a different direction than where he was headed. The traveler heeded and turned his heels. Very shortly thereafter he came upon a fortune of indescribable worth.

He never met the eagle. But from that day forward, he never heard an eagle cry without his looking up into the sky.

A voice that is not the sea but a gull whose cry reminds us of oceans and waters unseen. A prophet of Love.

Your Heart knows the Way,
re-learn to listen to it.
About David Yep
About David Yep
About David Yep

David F. Yep

Life has been incredible so far

I lived in Europe for 10 years, have learned several languages, got a master’s degree in business administration in entrepreneurship. I worked in several different industries, a part of turning around businesses in each of them. I now own a company in healthcare.

I married the girl I didn’t even know I could dream about, have amazing children, and love my hobbies of rock-climbing, chess, nature, reading and other adrenaline rushes.

Power Within

But nothing compares to the adventure of truly discovering Self. The journey of uncovering Power within far greater than I ever conceptualized in all my studies and romantic imagining.

I now get to share that.

About David Yep
About David Yep
About David Yep


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