Dare to discover just how much power is inside you.

Your Heart knows the Way, re-learn to listen to it.

David Yep

What if the answers you seek are much closer than you knew?

You are created with a compass that leads to evolution. Freedom allows you to tap back into that force.

Uniting humanity beyond all barriers

A higher form of Love and its Power

For thousands of years, love has been taught and personified in an array of ways. We spend so much energy searching for so many things that are really just love. It’s the divine Spark inside us and we all have that in common.

See the world you saw as a child.

Closer than the rat race of materialism. Deeper than the confines of division. Through the truth around us. The Kingdom of heaven within.

Honored to meet you.

Hi, I'm David!

By relearning to see the Light and the Grace and the Beauty in me, I’ve learned to see it in you as well. This discovery and connection fuels me. It’s tremendously powerful. It’s Divine.

It’s within you. I’d like to help you find that. It’s yours and I’d love for you to share it.

Love is not stale, impossible to define. It’s not complicated and governed by rules. It's dynamic. Vibrant. Explosive. Like a sustained ecstasy of the soul.

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Uncollared Book by David Yep

Book by David F. Yep


As children, we are pure souls, pointed in the direction of evolution, thanks to the powerful inner compass of our hearts. As we grow into an adult world, the freedom to follow that heart is hampered by dozens of things which we learn to be imprisoned to. Finding our way back to Heart, to the pureness of a child’s soul, is also the path to continue on the path towards fulfillment, towards evolution, and towards heaven.

At 11 years old I decided I wanted to do something great with my life in the service of others. At 13 years old I left home to become a priest, joining a very charismatic, but extremely rigorous and controversial Catholic religious congregation. The next 14 years were spent as a religious seminarian, going through novitiate and onwards to study humanities, philosophy and theology. I lived more than a decade overseas, visiting all of Europe while living in Germany, Spain, Italy, and Austria. I left the seminary after realizing that I could never complete my mission within that structure. Returning home with numerous languages and a plethora of experiences, I decided to combine my sense of mission with the knowledge to build and operate organizations. I finished an MBA in entrepreneuship in Austin and then spent the next decade in different businesses, working to grow and improve them. The path I began all those years ago has only increased in intensity, aided by the experiencing of freedom from so many of the structures my life had been confined to for many of the years.

Is surviving the same as thriving?

Human value has been measured for millenia by the ability to survive. The new lense is Love which measures how well you thrive.

The Next Day

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The Next Day

Creation in the past, present and future was being completed. What had started with the instinct of the ape and the entire animal kingdom now became the crown jewel deep inside humanity. Something that for all its advancement, the droid would never have.

Calculated logic and reason would drive progress. But the stuff of quantum leaps? That would come from magical wormholes found by this inner Voice. The androids would see it and respect its place and revere what is not theirs.

The three prophets basked in the beauty of this Universe. The beatific vision of harmony obliterated the fear of natural evolution.

Here the vision would stay, a secret to be discovered and relished by any who sought.

Evening came and morning followed: A NEW DAY.


Dare to experience how incredible life can be 

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