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I’m a speaker and storyteller with the goal to bring people to a platform for uniting humanity beyond all barriers.

Living the power of co-creation

I am opening my mind and heart to share personal and professional insights about living a fulfilled life and reaching your full potential.

The Concept of Spiration

Co-Creation Experience

Throughout all nature, we are constantly shown the creative force of two elements coming together in the right way. Biologically, the love of two humans expressed sexually is so powerful that another human is created. Within Christian theology, the love between two divine Persons, the Father and the Son, is so strong, that a third Person is begotten, a Holy Spirit, defined as the love between them. This is the concept of spiration.

My Signature Offers

An Invitation to Experience Something Different

Book Me David Yep Co-creation

Individual Session
of Discovery

Let’s see what happens when two souls connect with Love as the backdrop. 60 minutes of connection, in a place of Self. The journey is the destination, and the specifics of what we cover is less important than growing in Love in whichever way you’re meant to.

Book Me David Yep Journey of extraordinary souls


Topic driven human alchemy. 60 minutes spent in depth on any one of dozens of topics that are part of the human journey toward of evolution.

Book Me David Yep Group Speaking

Sharing My Story
and Light

I’d be honored to have the opportunity to share my story and Light with you in a group setting. Being together gives us the chance to explore our connection and realize how we have much more in common than we do sets us apart.

Making a Connection

I’d like to get to know you’re Light  too! Tell me about it here.

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If you would like to drop me a line, just send me a message
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    If money is your concern, you will not spend more than it is worth to you.
    If time is your concern, you will get out more than you put in.

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