Book By David Yep


Your Heart Knows the Way, Re-Learn How to Listen to It

Do you ever feel like you’re not free?

Find freedom again and you will find everything you’re looking for.

This Book is for you...

Do you ever feel like you’re not FREE?

Free to 

Do you feel trapped in current circumstance?
Does life seem stagnant?
Are you exhausted by the monotony of life?
Ever think that the day to day is pointless?
Do you seek joy and energy for every day?
Do you look around and see only negativity around you?


I’ve been blessed to walk so many roads and look for answers in so many places. In religions, in spiritualities, in philosophies and theologies.

I have traveled to parts of the world and met thousands of people of different histories and ethnicities.

I never expected that my honest and courageous search would lead me to a treasure much closer than I expected. It was right in my heart. If it sounds simple, it actually is. If it sounds too simple, then like me, maybe you’re scared of the actual power that is within us.

As I learned to free and listen to my heart, I realized this was not something new at all, it was just something I had forgotten how to do.

These simple pages are to help remind you too. And shed some light on some of the things that can drone out the whisper of your Heart.

Uncollared David Yep

Book by David Yep


At just 13 years old, David walked out the door of his home and left his family. He crossed the country by plane to go become a priest, joining a very charismatic, but extremely rigorous and controversial Catholic religious congregation. The next 14 years were spent as a religious seminarian, going through novitiate and onwards to study humanities, philosophy, and theology.

He lived for more than a decade overseas, visiting all of Europe while living in Germany, Spain, Italy, and Austria. After realizing that he could never complete his mission within that structure, he left the seminary. Returning home with numerous languages and a plethora of experiences, he decided to combine his sense of mission with the knowledge to build and operate organizations. He completed graduate school in Austin and then spent the next decade in different businesses, working to grow and improve them.

The path he began all those years ago, to serve humanity, has only increased in intensity, aided by the experiencing of freedom from so many of the structures his life had been confined to for many of the years. He now shares that path to freedom.

What people say
"Your book did not make sense to me in the beginning. Actually, I did not understand the purpose behind it apart from a way to show how smart you are.

I’m now almost finished. It all makes sense. It has nothing to do with how smart you are. It is written to show how smart we all are/capable we all are. A mirror. A gentle reminder to let the surprises and wonders in."
"Easy and interesting read for anyone going through life! What I like most is that it feels like advice while travelling, not end of life advice. What I mean by that is that the author portrays the fact that he isn't saying that he has figured it all out but shares powerful life experiences that make you think and reflect. It seems very authentic and in a good way it feels like I’m reading an unfinished thought, in a “I’m still on the journey through life figuring this out” kind of unfinished. Worth a read for sure and wouldn't mind a sequel!"

Nothing compares to the adventure of truly discovering Self

Your Heart Knows the Way,
Re-Learn How to Listen to It.

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